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You can have relief anytime & anywhere with                                           your Yamuna Therapy Ball!

Yamuna® Body Rolling 

Ultimate Body Sustainability!

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Suzi Wilkoff
Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner

Multiple Modality Holistic Massage & Bodywork Practitioner 

Hello! I am excited to now offer you an easy and portable way to help your body roll away aches and pains. For 26 years, I have helped clients find connection and pain relief in my private massage and bodywork practice. Now, I look forward to teaching you this self-massage tool that you can do well...anywhere!. 


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 Virtual Solo Body Rolling 

Private focused instruction just for you!

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This ball saves me! After a workout or a long day at the office I know I can just roll on the ball for relief. 


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I have so much pain from sitting at the computer all day. Suzi taught me to use the ball with my desk chair to help my stiff muscles. 

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I am a runner and VERY tight. The leg series helps my tight hamstrings and back. Every athlete should use these amazing balls! 


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1196 Neil Avenue. Columbus. Ohio. 43201

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