Suzi Wilkoff

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Wow, where do i begin??  Well, how about what you should know about me? am passionate about movement...any, dance and body rolling (that's a given!).
I love 
teaching people how to take great care of themselves so they can do what they want. So really it is about helping people have the tools at the ready, so they can help maintain and sustain feeling good from a long and tedious job or the tightness from working out at the gym.  


My Approach

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In combine my 26 years of Massage, Yoga and Bodywork into every Yamuna® Body Rolling session. Every body can roll!  Couch potatoes, gym rats, tennis players, hobby quilters, competitive gamers and and I...are all welcome. Yamuna body rolling helps everyone feel good. Don't worry...yes, you can do this on the airplane...and yes, you can in a chair and even on a long car trip. Options abound!!!  

Suzi Wilkoff 2020